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Cerebral Hemodynamics and Transcranial Doppler Training

TCD Simulation of Collateral Flow
Screenshot of simulated TCD findings in carotid stenosis

The Transcranial Doppler Simulator is a comprehensive anatomical and physiological model of the cerebral circulation, combined with an ultrasound Doppler generator. With this program you can practice the different TCD approaches and examine a wide variety of cerebral circulatory pathology. Read more...

Flow restriction principle for noninvasive blood pressure recording
The flow restriction principle is based on using the arterial wall as a sensor. If this wall is balanced (partially collapsed, hence restricting the flow) between the pressure inside (ABP) and the pressure in the cuff, these pressures should be approximately equal. By using a very fast pneumatic servo system, the artery can be kept in this state throughout the heart cycle. The waveform recorded from the cuff should then represent the waveform of the ABP pulse.

Aaslid R, Brubakk AO. Accuracy of an ultrasound Doppler servo method for noninvasive determination of instantaneous and mean arterial blood pressure. Circulation 1981;64:753-9 Abstract Full text

Updated September, 2015

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